Subzero Shorty 2 in 1 Legendary Switch Bundle Kit

Subzero Shorty 2 in 1 Legendary Switch Bundle Kit

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The Subzero Shorty 2 in 1 Legendary Switch Bundle Kit contains the Subzero Legendary Mod and RDA with hybrid connection pieces with the addition of stainless shorty button and stainless RDA sleeve. This allows the user to change the classic Subzero Mod in a number of ways. 

Subzero has become known for their Legendary Switch that can be turned in either direction to look the mod from firing. This switch adds a little extra length to the classic Subzero Shorty look that put Sub Ohm Innovations on the market. The addition of a stainless Shorty Button allows the user to shorten and simplify the mod. To switch out the button option, the user can unscrew the bottom while making sure to keep the spring and contacts together. Put the springs and conacts into the desired switch and simply screw the button back into place. 

The RDA that come with the Subzero Shorty 2 in 1 is the classic Sub Ohm Innovations RDA, but the silver plated hybrid contacts are included. These contacts have a wider connection piece that creates better conductivity with the battery. The bottom of the RDA is removed to screw in the hybrid connector piece. 

The battery houseing for this amazing mod in a cylinder tube that holds a single 18650 battery. This mod is designed to be run with the postive end of the battery down. The battery vent holes are at the bottom of the device. When using a battery in this mechanical mod, make sure that the battery is clean and does not have any damage. 

If you are looking for a diverse mech mod that is known for its cloud potential than the Subzero Shorty 2 in 1 Legendary Switch Bundle Kit is perfect for you. These mods are used by some of the most infamous cloud chasers out there.


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