Suorin Air 1

Suorin Air 1

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The Suorin Air 1 is one of the smallest stealth vapes on the market. Smaller than a credit card and slightly slimmer than a ballpoint pen, the Suorin Air 1 holds 2ml of your favorite e-juice and features a 400mAh battery life. 

The Suorin Air 1 has an on/off switch and a battery life indicator on the side of the device to help you keep track of and conserve your battery life. The microUSB charge port is place at the bottom of the device and charges the battery fast and effectively. The Juice Pod of this device is replaceable with a inhale slot on one side. No need to press a fire button, simply inhale when the power is switched to on and the battery vaporizes the juice for you to enjoy. 

The Suorin Air 1 is made of high quality materials with reliability and durability in mind. Whether you are looking for a stealth setup, a reilable backup that is very portable, or a starter kit that is stylish and dependable; the Suorin air 1 is the device you have been looking for.

Size (H x L x W): 86mm x 43mm x 8mm

Package Includes:

  • Battery: 400mAh
  • Cartridge: 2ml
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


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