Maxo V12 Coils 0.12 Ohm

Maxo V12 Coils 0.12 Ohm

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The iJoy MAXO V12 Replacement Coils & Decks Presents The Pinnacle of success that lies withing the newly introduced V12 Twelvefold coil system with the marquee 0.1ohm V12-C12 is capable of firing up to astounding 315W. Accompanied by this monstrous Coil is the tried and true 0.15ohm XL-C4 Chip Coil integrating quad independent vertical coils with a system range of 50-215W. The versatile platform is one the pinnacle designs by iJoy adding a V12-RT6 Rebuildable Coil Implementing a unique 3-point triple post build deck with dual terminals on each post to accommodate a wide array of coil structures and complex build configurations.          


iJoy MAXO V12 Replacement Coils & Decks Features:

  • Innovative V12 Twelvefold Coil System
  • 0.1ohm V12-C12 Twelve Cylinder Coil Rated For 60-315W
  • 0.15ohm XL-C4 Chip Coil Rate For 50-250W
  • V12-RT6 Deck 3 Point Triple Post Deck

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