Juno Replacement Pods- Leo (Cinnamon Menthol)

Juno Replacement Pods- Leo (Cinnamon Menthol)

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A fantastic mouthwatering blend of hot cinnamon & icy cool menthol. This flavor is intense and is rich with sweet and fiery cinnamon redhots and just when you think the heat is too much a cool and refreshing mint flavor cools it all down.

The inhale is a sweet and spicy cinnamon flavor with just a bit of a throat hit equal to a watered down shot of cinnamon whiskey. On the exhale you get a super refreshing cool and minty flavor with a delicious taste left on the tongue and lips. If you're not afraid of a little heat this could easily be a vape all day flavor for you.

These pods are designed specifically to fit only the Juno Pod System. Available in 36mg nicotine. 


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