Fresh Pressed Sparkling Starfruit 100ml

Fresh Pressed Sparkling Starfruit 100ml

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  • 4 x 0mg
  • 5 x 6mg
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Cheers to this vape! A classy way to start your day. A blend of bubbly champagne, chewy pink starfruit and exotic fruits come together to throw the perfect party in your mouth. Vape responsibly!

The inhale of this Fresh Pressed flavor will bring forth a strong pink starfruit flavor while blending together with other exotic fruits. This inhale alone will have your taste buds tingling and your mouth drooling for more. Upon exhaling is when the carbonated champagne comes into effect and leaves an everlasting memory on the tip of your tongue. Be warned because after your exhale this e juice flavor you will be permanently hooked!

Fresh Pressed did a wonderful job at keeping this throat hit as smooth as possible. It is noticeable due to the champagne carbonated exhale but there is no burning or charring whatsoever. You can fully enjoy this flavor profile without coughing up a lung every time you exhale.

The 70%(VG) and 30%(PG) base allows you to exhale large and fluffy clouds of vapor while getting a solid throat hit. Come on by the shop and be sure to try out this super yummy juice flavor. Now available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotene. 

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