Demon Killer 7 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Pack

Demon Killer 7 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Pack

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The Demon Killer 7-in-1 Prebuilt Coil Pack Set is an in-demand collection of high-quality premade coils that are meant for high-performance use. This collection offers seven types of uniquely designed coils that eliminate the hassle of wire building. Each coil is machine-twisted for consistent and precise design. This diverse collection presents different types of heating elements that will cater to all building enthusiasts.

Package Includes

1 x Convenient Carrying Box

1 x Allen Key

4 x 0.25ohm Alien V2 Coils

4 x 0.25ohm Tsuka Coils

4 x 0.35ohm Clapception Coils

4 x 0.26ohm Framed Clapton Coils

4 x 0.35ohm Spaced Clapton Coils

4 x 0.35ohm Tri-Twisted Clapton Coils

4 x 0.3ohm Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coils



Product intended for advanced users only.

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