Cotton Candy Collection

Cotton Candy Collection

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  • 1 x .07oz Black Bag
  • 1 x .30oz Puck
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The Cotton Candy Collection, exclusively composed for vaping without the harmful use of chemicals. Organically grown cotton, there are no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides used during cultivation. The cotton is harvested using sustainable methods and refined using a simple distillation process which safely removes the natural oils. The creators believe that it is their responsibility to provide fellow vapors with a product that is not only safe but cleaner as well as of the finest quality. They test each bail of cotton to meet the Certificate of Compliance guidelines. As a matter of fact, performing this process on a fiber sample within every lot guarantees the product meets standards. Devoted to transparency as well as sharing knowledge in order to raise the product standards within the vaping community. Looking for the best vape cotton? Pick up one of the three varieties this collection has to offer!!!

Available in the following varieties of packaging as well as sizes:

  • "Puck" container filled with rolled cotton - 0.30 oz
  • Pink bag - 0.20 oz
  • Comp Pack - 0.07 oz

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