Cotton Bacon Bag

Cotton Bacon Bag

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Cotton Bacon Version 2 by Wick'N' Vape is specifically formulate for the vapers needs. manufactured by putting U.S. grown cotton fibers through a propietary purification process to remove natural oils, impurities and pesticides; Cotton Bacon provides vapers an easy to use tasteless cotton to wick with.

Cotton Bacon's Version 2 maintains the formula users have grown to prefer with 4 inch long strips that are easy for tearing to fit any coil size. The U.S. grown dual fiber holds up to the driest, high heat and high power applications. the clean, pure and durable cotton is packaged in a resealable travel size package for your convenice.

Features & Specifications

  • U.S. Grown Dual Fiber Cotton
  • 4inch Length In Easy To Use Strips
  • Tasteless
  • Large Fiber For Low Ohm Builds
  • Net Weight: 0.35oz (10g) Cotton Wicking Material

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