Aspire ETS BVC Coils 1.6 Ohm

Aspire ETS BVC Coils 1.6 Ohm

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The Aspire ETS BVC Coils at 1.6ohm are the new Organic Cotton coils with bottom vertical single coil design. The Aspire Cotton coils should be allowed to rest after filling the tank with liquid for a few minutes to allow them to properly absorb the liquid.

The Aspire ETS BVC Coils at 1.6ohm fit the ET-S, CE4 and the K1 tanks. Featuring dual heating coils to provide twice the vapor while also taking advantage of the bottom feed design. No exposed wicks, the liquid travels through the four holes on the side of the coil to wet the internal wicks.

The Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) design is an upgrade from the single coil tanks due to the uniquely designed replaceable coils and the airflow system. Designed to eliminate common issues such as airy draw, coil gurgling, and leaking that is a common problem with other cartomizers. The Aspire ETS BVC coils work to eliminate outside influences to provide the purest taste. 

Each package contains 5 coils.

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