Unregulated Mods

Unregulated Mods (called Mechanical Mods) are for advanced Vapers only. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! They are not for beginners and if you don't understand battery safety, Ohms Law, how Ohms affect the Amp draw on a battery, and what Ohm Coils your battery can safely push then please purchase a Regulated Mod here instead. If used improperly, Unregulated Mods can be dangerous and you are far more likely to have an accident than with other types of devices. When correctly used however, Unregulated Mods can be safe, tasty, and produce enormous amounts of Vapor.

And no one ever says it but - don't use a Mech Mod if you are impaired in any way (that's drunk, high, or on medication). At least not if you like having a nose (or teeth).

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