RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) are king for flavor and vapor production. RDAs are generally recommended for those with more experience Vaping and not for beginners. They require using Prebuilt Coils or making your own coils out of wire and wicking them with cotton. There are many great coil building walk thru videos on YouTube if you are interested in learning more.
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Goon 24mm Caps
Accessory Description The Goon 24mm Colored Caps 24mm Goon Colored Caps are a must have...
$24.99 $11.25
Apocalypse V2 RDA
RDA Description   The Apocalypse Gen 2 RDA by Armageddon MFG is the second version of...
$79.99 $59.99
Comp Lyfe Battle Cap
Accessory Description The Comp Lyfe Battle Cap is designed to be used in combination with...
$69.99 $31.50
Apocalypse V2 Elite RDA
RDA Description  The Armageddon Apocalypse V2 Elite RDA was designed to be the ideal RDA...
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Geek Vape Peerless RDA
RDA Description  The GeekVape Peerless RDA features an original build deck design that is made to...
$34.99 $26.24
Comp Lyfe Battle Deck
RDA Description The Comp Lyfe Battle Deck Is a 20mm build deck that can be...
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Avid Lyfe Captain Cap II (Wide Bore)
RDA Description The wide bore Captain Cap II allows for more airflow and efficient inhales....
$74.99 $33.75
Goon 24mm RDA
RDA Description  The Goon 24mm RDA by 528 Customs The Goon is a collaboration by...
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Wotofo Troll V2 RDA
RDA Description The Wotofo Troll V2 RDA is the upgraded version of the infamous Troll....
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Geek Vape Medusa RDTA
Tank Description  The Medusa RDTA is one of GeekVape's newest RDTAs with a simplified inner...
$44.99 $33.74
Wotofo Troll V2 25mm RDA
RDA Description The Wotofo Troll V2 25mm RDA is the larger brother to the Troll...
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Wotofo FreakShow V2 RDA
RDA Description  The Freakshow V2 RDA is a unique atomizer made by Worofo. This RDA...
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