Premium Eliquids

All of our Premium eLiquids have been tasted for quality and we refuse to pickup a Juice line just because it's called "Premium" (we're looking at you Propaganda). Really they are just one example. There's a lot of "Premium" flavors out there that we wouldn't really classify as such.

Also, if you don't see one of your favorites here, we might not carry it because of the packaging. If the package design goes WAY overboard being "kid friendly" with a talking cartoon waffle man (who thought that was a good idea???) or completely rips off the look of the branding the juice is inspired by (like Sprite or Lifesavers) then we usually pass.

That said, we don't think eLiquid is intentionally marketed to kids. We carry some that are pretty cartoony (and utterly delicious). Not to mention that adults like fun themes too. You might even disagree with some of our choices but we have tried our best to filter out any that kids might assume, based on the design, would be safe to drink or confused with their apple juice box.

You can find House eLiquid here.

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Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter 60ml
Flavor Description They don't call it ugly for nothing... Bad Drip Ugly Butter is Uncle...
Bad Drip Labs Lemon Dead 60ml
Flavor Description Rest In Pieces!!! Bad Drip Lemon Dead is a dismembered and drained lemon...
Bad Drip Labs God Nectar 60ml
Flavor Description Take a trip to a tropical fantasy land with Bad Drip Labs God...
Bad Drip Labs Farley's Gnarly Suace 60ml
Flavor Description Bad Drip Lab Farley's Gnarley Sauce is based on a recipe older than Bob...
Bad Drip Labs Farley's Gnarly Sauce Iced Outtt 60ml
Flavor Description Still gnarly as ever... iced outtt with menthol! Bad Drip Labs Farley's Gnarly Sauce...
Bad Drip Labs Cereal Trip 60ml
Flavor Description Bad Drip Labs Cereal Trip is your Daddy's favorite fruit cereal conceived from...
Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood 60ml
Flavor Descriptions Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood is a persuasion of blueberry with a trace...
Rawberry 60ml
Premium Flavor Description Since the early days of vaping, Jeff Burness and Dave Estes have...
PJ Bros La Crosse 60ml
Premium Juice Description Crunch Berry Cereal La Crosse comes served up in a 60ml chubby...
Drip Worthy Welcome To Shamrock 60ml
Premium Flavor Description Welcome to Shamrock will give you that delicious mint leaf vanilla milkshake...
Drip Worthy Strawbutter Jam 60ml
Premium Flavor Description Strawbutter Jam is a blend of sweet juicy strawberry jam over a...
Drip Worthy Nice Melons 60ml
Premium Flavor Description Nice Melons is a sweet mix of melons that will satisfy that...