Pen Style

Pen Style E-Cigs target beginner Vapers. They are called Pen Style due to their small size and stick-like appearance. Some really are the size of pens, some the size of cigarettes (called Cigalikes), and some are a bit larger like a small flashlight. They are great for anyone new to Vaping as many beginners seem put off by the larger Regulated Mods.

Pen Styles are also great for "Stealth Vaping" when you do not want to draw undue attention to yourself in the restroom at work or the movies but we would never do that...

You can assemble your own by choosing a battery, USB charger, and small tank or selecting a kit. Refill Pods for Cigalikes are found here.

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Aspire Pockex Pocket Kit
Aspire Pockex Pocket Kit Description The Aspire PockeX Pocket Kit is the ultimate all-in-one sub-ohm device...
SMOK Vape Pen 22 Kit
Starter Kit Device Description The SMOK Vape Pen 22 is an all in one device...
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CE4 1.6ml Tank
CE4 1.6ml Tank Description The CE4 1.6ml Tanks are easy to use cartomizers with a...
Aspire USB Charger
Aspire USB Charger Description The Aspire USB Charger Cable is designed to be used with...